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NCBP Committee Selection 2013-2014

Make a contribution to the work of NCBP by participating on a standing committee. Committee appointments are made by the NCBP President, and are positions that require one-year terms. Appointees are expected to attend committee meetings in conjuction with NCBP midyear and annual meetings. In addition, committee members are also expected to participate in conference calls throughout the year (4-6 calls lasting 30-60 minutes).

Carl Smallwood, incoming 2013-2014 NCBP President, will make the following committee appointments for the 2013-2014 year: Communications, Diversity, Finance and Investment, Membership, Program and Sponsorship.

Please complete the form below no later than September 9, 2013, to be considered for a 2013-2014 committee position, or to request reappointment/reassignment to a current or new committee.

Please note: Positions for the Program Committee have been filled.

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    The Communications Committee generates communications about NCBP activities and services, and provides other information that will enhance members' roles as leaders of their organizations. The committee has oversight for NCBP communication vehicles and the NCBP website.


    The Diversity Committee implements strategies in support of the NCBP's goals of setting an example of diversity in its leadership, programs, and activities; helps bar leaders of color to enjoy increased success as bar leaders; and offers bar associations substantive programs which enhance their diversity-related efforts.

    The Finance and Investment Committee makes recommendations to the Executive Council regarding the development of budgets and financial policy, and oversees staff management of organizational funds.

    The Membership Committee promotes and maintains membership in the NCBP. The committee oversees the annual membership drives, makes recommendations regarding development and promotion of programs and services of interest to members, and conducts outreach to NCBP's potential and actual membership. The committee also engages in activities which develop membership and active participation in NCBP leaders representing associations for women lawyers, LGBT lawyers, and lawyers with physical challenges.

    Please note: Positions for the Program Committee have been filled and not available. The Program Committee plans and implements programming for NCBP midyear and annual meetings. Duties include making recommendations for content, speakers, social events, etc., within the financial limits of the organization; speaker coordination; and facilitating on-site activities.

    The Sponsorship Committee recruits potential sponsors and coordinates the organization's relationships with these benefactors, with the goal of generating funds to underwrite the cost of the NCBP programs and services, particularly the annual and midyear meetings.

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